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Mon, 19 Apr 1999 13:44:28 -0400

Suspension of disbelief aside, I really would be hard-pressed,
if I were a military tactician during the One-Year War, to
explain the benefits of sending out soldiers inside of fifty-foot
tall, humanoid-configurated, metallic machines. Imagine the
following exchange, set during a press conference:

  "And this is our latest model of Gun Cannon..."

  "Well, what does it do?"

  "Uhm...ehrm...well, it has the large, shoulder-mounted guns..."

  "Yes, but who's going to tell its pilot not to step on civilian
structures during an operation?"

  Or consider the folowing scenario featuring Amuro Rei in his
Big Blue Cheezebox:

  "I've got the Red Comet in my sights! Steady...steady now..."

  "Oh, really? Now we on the ground are pointing this trusty
missile launcher straight up your nose, kid. Ha ha ha ha ha..."

Carmen (Yujon3D)

Richie Ramos wrote:
> Well, I really still find it a bit funny to camouflage a big
> walking robot that simply stands out.
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