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Richie Ramos (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:01:46 +0800

>I think Turn A is not Gundam. The most important aspect IMHO of Gundam was
>the symoblic strength that one gets from looking at the face of Gundam.
>When the creator of Turn A from Blade Runner redesigned the face, it turned
>into something else than Gundam...and I can see that many of the
>traditional designs that would be seen visually in each part of Turn A
>Gundam is not there. Understandable if they plan to take Gundam to a
>different plain, but then again...that different plain isn't Gundam.

        after reading all the stuff, all I can say is: the story may be gundam,
but the darn mecha sure as hell isn't. i can actually still see the design
similarities between Zeta and the original..I just don't see it in the
Turn-A. Actually, the closest it looked like to a gundam is by mixing the
designs of the GGundam Maxzter and the F-91. WHich is still bad.
actually, it looks like Syd studied the OLD Super robots stuff, like Jeeg
or some of that design. there are simply not as many angles on the face as
I'd expect on a doesn't have the nasty samurai helmet
looks like a football helmet with a big moustache in the front. as for
that moustache, I admit it mihgt be a great frontal charge weapon...

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