[gundam] Turn-A Gundam

James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 02:52:12 -0700

First off, let me announce my return to this mailing list after one and a
half years of absence! You don't remember me? ...Hmm, I guess I was mostly
a lurker back then. But things will be different this time! Okay, onto the
topic at hand.

Turn-A Gundam.

Sometimes I think I can live with the turnA design- then I look at it again...

Actually, I try to reserve judgement until I see it animated. I remember
hating the Escaflowne designs, but once I saw the animation, I completely
changed my mind. Animation gives the designs a reality and a life. The
TurnA gundam I see in the few drawings is completely lifeless, static.
Maybe, when I see it animated, I'll be able to see something in the turnA
designs that I don't see now. So, I'll wait.

As to the story, from what I've read, It doesn't seem that great. It
reminded me somewhat of the Orguss 2 OVA. Low tech society, with buried
mecha. Anyway, I'll wait and see.


About the Matrix- the fight scenes are great, but the story was done much
better in Dark City. Now that's a great movie!

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