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> Ohhhhhhhh!!!... um... hee hee ha ha... yeah that's right... Sumos...
> yeah Sumos ;)

Hai! :)

> Definitely the later of the two... just BAD HUMOUR, thanks...
> (I'm too narrow minded a thinker to even conceptualize the former!)

That narrow mind of yours will punch through some fairly thick armor. :)

> Quite honestly sir, the main subject here isn't about the actual
> series, it' s about purely the design of the suites and how they
> relate or compare to previous Gundam series. As to the actual
> series I haven't seen ANY episodes yet. But I JUST CAN'T WAIT
> TILL I DO! Maybe then I'll be as smart as you.

Good to see that great minds are indeed thinking alike. :)

> Are you saying "Where's Waldo?" isn't a classic? DOHHH....!

I was just asking on that one. Like I said, some people have different views
on what "classic" means.

> Excuse me for a minute, I have to go answer the studio door...
> "Oh... heeeyyy Tomino... oh and you brought Syd!"
> "ummm Syd? Could you kinda wait out here for a bit...
> me and Yoshi need to chat... Thanx... no no we'll call you in..."
> "Hey Yosh man! Lets talk mobile suit... Two words... big... mustache...!"

Hahhhhh-Hahhhhhhh, that's great! That one is indeed a keeper. You have a very
respectable sense of humor. A mean one, like mine. :)

> Actually I AM the audience. I'm (we're) the one who buy the models,
> toys, GKs, LDs and other merchandise. We the consumer audience
> keep guys like Tomino employed. With out our support they're out of
> a job. Unfortunately Gundam it seem is just a big cash cow to Bandai.
> They know we'll buy it. Gundam T-shirts, Gundam pencil cases, Gundam
> dish sets, heck I'd fork out money for Gundam toilet paper (we're such
> willing suckaz some times)

I may not go that far, but it is good to talk to someone that actually does
realize this one fact: WE are the audience. Not the producers, not the
artists, not sculpters, and definitely not the decision makers. We are the
audience. Now it's time to sit back with our popcorn and soda, and enjoy the

> Well... umm... umm... I'm rubber and your glue,
> anything you say... umm... bounces off me and onto you ...
> OR
> I'm Gundam and your Turnip.
> Anything you fire, defects off me
> and turns to syrup...
> oh that's bad!
> (I just love low brow humor!)

Low brow humor is the best. :)
> But seriously guys I didn't mean any harm. If anything, I'm very
> thankful that there are allot of knowledgeable people on this list
> who can share there information and insight on our fav' anime series.
> I just wanted to mix things up a bit! Sometimes us Gundam geeks
> (I say that with pride) take this series and ourselves soooo seriously.
> So that being said lets just turn these "flames" down shall we?

Okay, I'll turn my Spaceballs The Flamethrower off (the kids just love it).
> Now excuse me while I get back to my pop-up book...
> xoxoxoxo
> Marci

Could you pass the red crayon? Someone keeps eating mine. :)

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