Re: [gundam] Zaku Variants

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 21:51:52 -0700 (MST)

> Well there's no pilot seat behind the black bar right? The orange and

  I guess not... hrm! What is that thing anyway?

> 08mst. Check out the episode when Gouf debuted in OYW, Ranba Bal entered
> Gouf there. Whether the orange part was canopy or not is rather
> ambitguous from the anime. Rather a stange thing, since all the other MS
> had no canopy.

  Good point! you know, I kinda remember the orange hatch being either
shiny or translucent or something.

> > the triple-barrelled vulcan cannon combo.
> You mean the view finder right? Orange for the barrels of a projectile
> weapon is a bit weird. I drilled out the barrels of all the guns and

  The sight I painted green with grey barrels around the outside... the
barrels themselves are grey, but the _inside_ of the barrels are orange
and with some gold lining on the inside.

> bazookas in my models and painted the inside of the barrels flat black.
> It bugs the hell out of me when I look down a gun barrel and see something
> anything inside.

  Hmm... I kinda like bright yellow or gold internal-gun-barrels for some
reason. Especially in bazzokas and stuff like that!

> Hey Probie, Partner in crime, how's your 08MST GM coming along? I fnished
> all the other parts of it and got a 7-Up bottle ready. I have a Dremel
> tool spinning hungrily in my right hand and the GM head in a vise (squeeze
> gently). I am tapping this msg out with my left hand, but I thought I'd
> ask about your experience before I give it a optotomy.
> Boy there's a lot of stuff in the GM head, looks like I have clean that
> all out...

  Yeah, you do!
  I have the green I want to use for the head, and I'll cut some plastic
for the visor, but I'm still debating what glue to use that won't whiten
the plastic itself and still stick smoothly... then, after I got my MG GM,
I started thinking about constructing a detailed 'backplate' for the GM's
visor, no idea yet on how I'm going to do that! In the meantime I've been
making an EZ8 versionof my Gundam Mk.II!

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