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Stuart Ng (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 21:10:03 -0700

>::mouth drops:: holy sweet mother of ! i can't wait for the finished
>How do you alter the images and stuff?!!

There's a program called StarDraft made by Camelot Systems; they're a game
editing software group which make these types of programs for free. They
do it out of their own interest; like I am doing as well with GundamCraft.
With their software, which is the "archiver" and tells SC to replace which
graphics and inserts it into the SC data, I do all the graphics with 3DS
Max and Photoshop...although both aren't legal, I plan to legalize them
sometime in the near future... ;) They are expensive programs and I'm only
doing GundamCraft to display my skill, for fun and for fans. :) I'm
replacing the voices and sound with my voice or probably friends of
mine...but it'll be all in English...I don't know how Gundam-ers will feel
about English in GundamCraft, but I'll try not to make it too cheesy...hehe

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