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> Hello Gundam goers,
> I'm here to say that I'm working on a total conversion project to turn the
> Starcraft into the Gundam universe. For those who don't know what
> Starcraft is, it's a realtime strategy game. For more information go to
> Anyway, for those who want to know more about
> GundamCraft, you can visit my webpage at:
> It has a listing of what I plan to convert in SC to Gundam, and what my
> progress is...I'm practically finished the Marine and SCV replacements, and
> I'm working on the tank or either Firebat replacement; the RGC-83 Gun
> Cannon 2. I just finished the modelling and depending whether I can get
> proper conversion between the units, I'll probably start on another MS
> replacement.

Cool! I can't wait to play the finished conversion when its ready! I wish you
the best of luck with this project.

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