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> Ok, to start off here...what I have to say about the more recent Gundam
> purely my opinion if you want to take it as that...but I
> seriously do not like where they are taking the Gundam saga. It's becoming
> too fancy and reaching out to branches where mystism and magic take a more
> dominant role than actual military politics. I remember the days of
> political unrest in 0083, and the bravery and honor in Char's
> Counterattack. I own the OST for Char's and I have to say it's some of the

I haven't seen those Gundam anime, but I like millitary politics and
rivalriees, etc. too.

> most inspiring music I've heard; and it matches Gundam in perfect harmony.
> Series like G Gundam or Gundam Wing are a bit eccentric for my expectations
> for Gundam...G Gundam was attempting to reach back to something like
> Voltron or Dai Rangers type of story...which was a bit difficult to grasp.

I liked Wing, but I noticed that too. Wing was seriouslly leaning toward the
Dai Ranger area, i.e. the Five G boys from Wing, remind me of Power Rangers.

> I have no problem with more fantastic stories with mecha; like EVA.
> However, when a creator designs a story a particular way with a particular
> universe, it's designed with a set of rules or limits which pose and mold
> the outcome and mood of the story; that's an important aspect of
> design...otherwise everything designed in the world is simply ambigious
> data with lots of changeable variables. Gundam was created a certain way,
> and to change that formula that is Gundam simply means it's not Gundam.
> Even if it means the "end" of Gundam; there's only so much you can take
> from a universe...but then again I don't think the creators of the more
> recent Gundam are taking full advantage of what Gundam has to offer.

I agree. Gundam has a ton of untapped potentional that the creators seem to
ignore or don't want to explore. Tomino wants to break the Gundam mold, but
in doing so, could ruin Gundam or make it even better, who knows...

> Gundam I think has taken on a more marketing type of standpoint where money
> and ratings take a dominant role to motivate the artists. I myself am an

It basically is, now. Bandai wants as much money as they can get, like most
companies do. What companies forget is, that we are the consumers, and we
gice the companies thier money by buying their products. I think the
consumers forget that we can make or break companies, if a large enough group
quits buying the companies products. But, we consumers are forced to buy
thier products or do without them. So in order to have the products we want,
we must put up with companies not listening to us, or send them our thoughts
and pray and hope they listen.

> artist; good or bad is up to you to
> But when people get
> into corporate struggles of trying to survive in a field...I think the best
> way to win or survive is by doing what one's heart tells them to when they
> are creating something. I'm pretty sure that Tomino had a type of

I agree, but when a creator's creation gets a fan base, some artists feel
restricted by this, and the creator can get fan back lash, even though its
the creators creations. I don't like the Turn A, but the story will be good,
I think.

> frustration which forced him to with Turn A. I'm getting a vibe from
> him...well I don't really know him...but seeing the recent series...tells
> me that he's running out of ideas...It's what's happening with Nintendo. A

Thats the why it seems, doesn't it? Nintendo is lazy, not out of ideas. I
mean wheres the new Metroids, etc. that made the NES and SNES so great?

> powerful respected, creative giant is taking the pink slip to death because
> of competition which appeals more to the public. I kinda felt this from
> Tomino when EVA was released; I think it was simutaneously with G
> Gundam...and I remember a quote he had when EVA was nearing it's end; "I
> will defeat EVA!" Something like that which was practically picking a
> fight with Gainax or more specifically Anno Hideaki. I don't know about
> all you other Gundam goers, but I'm still not satisfied with what they have
> done with Gundam, and I'm pretty sure they can pull more juice from it.

Correct, Gundam still has a lot of juice left, IMHO.

> Aside from the subject...but keeping on the concept of story writing and
> creation, has anybody seen Matrix? I saw it and it's pure genius...I
> haven't seen any movie that I can remember right now which equals to it's
> technical, creative or unique blend of action, cyberpunk esthestics,
> martial arts and gun fighting action; it even touts very deep story which
> is consistent in the movie. I highly recommend this movie to anybody as
> it's unrealness with blow you away...wondering what it's about??? No one
> can be told what the Matrix just have to see it for yourself... :)

The previews make this movie look awesome. I'll have to see it ASAP!

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