Re: [gundam] Zaku Variants

Tabby-23 (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 19:37:18 -0700

>> For that matter, why is orange(or bright red)appropriate for the cockpit?
>> I've never understood why so many MS had great big targets painted over the
>> cockpit.
>Or red white and blue for the mecha itself? Or two shades of red for your
>ace pilot? Or bright blue for a mecha specialized for land battle? Or
>shinny white for your capital SPACEship?
>Sorry man, suspension of disbelief is necessary to the club.
>CHIN, Chien Ting

SOB can only go so far. Mobile Suits are supposed to fight in conditions
where line-of-sight is important, yet numerous MS have cockpits painted in
drastic contrast to the rest of thier paint scheme, making them clear
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