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>Its Ok, to take Gundam too seriouslly, as its funner then real life
>I agree. This is not to you, Marci: Do people have to get flamed almost
>everytime their opinion differs form someone else's? What ever happened to
>respecting other peoples opinions?

        Aye well, Aaron, that is the way things are sometimes. Personally, this
whole thing about Turn-A, I think, can be best described as this: It may
have a kick-ass story, true. for that fact alone, it is worth watching as
both an anime and a Gundam story. However, in terms of Mecha, it is
definitely un-GUndam. When One says gundam, it's got the antennae, the
stylish look (like the chest vents or radiators), that certain samurai-like
flair for armor. I don't see that at all in this gundam.
        I work as a freelance image marketing consultant, and from my point of
view, Tomino just did the bravest thing: he supported a non-gundam design.
 HOwever, in terms of marketing, sales, merchandizing, this is also one of
the riskiest yet.
        (BTW, i have seen a closeup of the TurnA's head in newtype magazine.
After seeing closeups of various other gundam heads and FSS heads and all simply looks...inferior in terms of design. Too simple, and the
moustache simply looks bad anyway you look at it.

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