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>I totally agree. This new show (Turn A) is a great idea for a new mecha show,
>but it doesn't really fit into the rest of Gundam.

Which seems to be in keeping with anniversary shows.

The 10th anniversary gave us Gundam 0080, which broke with tradition by not
having any Newtypes and introducing the Zeon-as-Nazi paradigm. It also
started the "UNT" business that they're now trying to bury and the retcons
that are now obligatory. It had the saving grace of a dynamite story told
in a simple, unpretentious way.

The 15th anniversary gave us G Gundam, the first of the alternate
universes. And it *HAD* to be an alternate universe because, for all its
Gundam and SF trappings, it was a fantasy, not SF. Those flying island
space colonies, the "boxing ring" around the Earth, the near-magical
invocation of the Gundam Fight -- there's no scientific rationale for any
of it.

I've said on numerous occasions that my only quibble with G Gundam was that
they called it "Gundam" -- had it been "Mobile Fighter Goldfinger" or some
such, I'd have nothing bad to say about it.

Our 20th anniversary offering, Turn A, is being presented as SF, at least.
Or, more correctly, I've yet to see or hear anything that shoves it out of
the realm of SF and into the realm of fantasy as the most basic elements of
G Gundam did.

Maybe Turn A will, like G Gundam, come to be seen as a really great anime
series that, unfortunately, just shouldn't have been called Gundam. Maybe
it'll do the seemingly impossible and actually unite all of the Gundam
storylines to date into a single, seamless narrative thread. Maybe it'll
be another Gundam X.

We won't know until we've seen it, now will we?


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