Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:58:44 EDT

I agree when its put like that. This makes sense, too. But, did they have to
use Gundams name? I would say yes, because I doubt many people would pay
attention to it, if it wasn't Gundam.


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> But you know what's really kinda funny?
> If you ignore the fact that they're from "Gundam" and look at them in
> terms of something, say, like Laputa, and you look at the designs on the
> site you just posted (I.e., the anime art, not the Syd art) the Flat and
> WaDom actually look kinda neat! I mean, they're totally unrealistic and
> totally art-deco, but in a way, that makes them look 'decadent', wasteful,
> overly-decorated, and very non-utilitarian and unrealistic... in a way you
> could almost believe a race that's gotten obsessed with technology at the
> cost of the human spirit (like the moon people ) could be.
> In short, those robots are freaky, ugly, and dumb enough that it's
> almost believable that a deteriorating race like the Moon-people might
> make something that stupid looking. Perhaps it says (and is supposed to
> say) more about _their_ perverted sense of design aesthetics than our own!
> Here's a final possibility:
> In anime, you and I have seen:
> 1. Ultraflamboyant mecha (FSS)
> 2. Ultrautilitarian mecha (Patlabor)
> 3. Ultramilitary Mecha (Gasaraki)
> 4. Semi-military Mecha (Gundam)
> 5. Semi-flamboyant Mecha (Escaflowne)
> 6. Biorganic mecha (Brainpowerd, Guyver)
> 7. Technorganic mecha (Mospeada, Macross)
> 8. Superhumanoid Mecha (EVA)
> 9. Unhumanoid Mecha (GITS)
> etc etc etc...
> Now, let's say you're a Japanese Director and you want something
> 'different', something 'alien' (to the Japanese audience at least)
> something never-been-done before. Well, you've pretty much _exhausted_
> anything jaded anime-designers can come up with, it's all been done. But
> how about going across the ocean, and hiring some US Futurist who's got no
> bloody clue about designing cool anime mecha, but at least he's a decent
> technical artist? Why not force him to design mecha even though he's got
> almost no experience with robots?
> Why? Because _anything_ he comes up with is going to definately look far
> far different from anything in categories 1-9 up there, automatically!
> Hey, if you've done it all (Bandai) maybe the whole point is to simply do
> something that has never been done before, regardless of if it's good,
> bad, or just plain butt-ugly? If you're THAT tired of doing mecha, and
> THAT jaded with typical anime robots, hell, hire someone like Syd. Maybe,
> just maybe he'll shake things up. (Well, better luck next time!)

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