Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 15:50:58 -0700 (MST)

> > > for being something new. Hell, I think the Flat and Waldom are hideous,
> > Umm... I think they should really be called "Flatulence" and "WALDO".
> I totally agree. The Flat and Wadom are UGLY, UGLY, and don't fit into Gundam
> either. The Turn A looks good compared to those two rejects!

  But you know what's really kinda funny?
  If you ignore the fact that they're from "Gundam" and look at them in
terms of something, say, like Laputa, and you look at the designs on the
site you just posted (I.e., the anime art, not the Syd art) the Flat and
WaDom actually look kinda neat! I mean, they're totally unrealistic and
totally art-deco, but in a way, that makes them look 'decadent', wasteful,
overly-decorated, and very non-utilitarian and unrealistic... in a way you
could almost believe a race that's gotten obsessed with technology at the
cost of the human spirit (like the moon people ) could be.

  In short, those robots are freaky, ugly, and dumb enough that it's
almost believable that a deteriorating race like the Moon-people might
make something that stupid looking. Perhaps it says (and is supposed to
say) more about _their_ perverted sense of design aesthetics than our own!

  Here's a final possibility:
  In anime, you and I have seen:
        1. Ultraflamboyant mecha (FSS)
        2. Ultrautilitarian mecha (Patlabor)
        3. Ultramilitary Mecha (Gasaraki)
        4. Semi-military Mecha (Gundam)
        5. Semi-flamboyant Mecha (Escaflowne)
        6. Biorganic mecha (Brainpowerd, Guyver)
        7. Technorganic mecha (Mospeada, Macross)
        8. Superhumanoid Mecha (EVA)
        9. Unhumanoid Mecha (GITS)
        etc etc etc...

  Now, let's say you're a Japanese Director and you want something
'different', something 'alien' (to the Japanese audience at least)
something never-been-done before. Well, you've pretty much _exhausted_
anything jaded anime-designers can come up with, it's all been done. But
how about going across the ocean, and hiring some US Futurist who's got no
bloody clue about designing cool anime mecha, but at least he's a decent
technical artist? Why not force him to design mecha even though he's got
almost no experience with robots?
  Why? Because _anything_ he comes up with is going to definately look far
far different from anything in categories 1-9 up there, automatically!
Hey, if you've done it all (Bandai) maybe the whole point is to simply do
something that has never been done before, regardless of if it's good,
bad, or just plain butt-ugly? If you're THAT tired of doing mecha, and
THAT jaded with typical anime robots, hell, hire someone like Syd. Maybe,
just maybe he'll shake things up. (Well, better luck next time!)


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