Re: [gundam] Found a few more pictures of the Turn A
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:47:42 EDT

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nandy@U.Arizona.EDU writes:

> What the hell is _wrong_ with this robot's legs? That's utterly bizzare
> looking, but I see some Brainpowerd design elements here. So what's the
> real deal, the Gundam is missing some armor in back?

Thats I was thinking too, when I saw that picture.

> Also, they have a picture of the Gundam wielding its saber. No sign of
> the special shoulder armor I've heard rumored, it looks like a plain
> two-piece regular shoulder armor with the sabers pivoting up from the back
> of the armor (Big deal). The back looks really odd and square, like it was
> cut-n-pasted from another robot entirely! Actually, the whole robot has a
> 'frankengundam' look, as if it was composed of a couple different robots
> moshed together!

Frakengundam, I like that term. I really see nothing that breaks the "mold"
in this design, ya know? This Gundam is very simplestic and ugly, compared to
all the other Gundam's. The Turn A looks more like its from Brain Powered,
then Gundam. I am not that impressed with the Turn A.

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