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> Heh heh heh! Now that would be really really Kooky!
> Seriously though, it's hard to imagine what Tomino is thinking when he
> gives us a show that's supposed to 'break the mold', and yet gives us a
> Gundam that's so much _In_ the mold that it's almost impossible not to
> expect a parody a la Gunbuster!
> On the other hand, I'll be tickled if, in Turn-A, every time the Gordam
> tries another one of its pop-up gimmicks something goes terribly wrong and
> blows up!

Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh! I like that idea a lot. From what I have heard Tomino
doesn't want this, but I'd love to see a continuation of the UC universe,
like what happens after V Gundam, you know? I mean, if done right, a sequel
can be ground breaking, if done right. I am fed up, with everyone from anime
to video games to movies, of all this "Lets make a Ground breaking show
bandwagon" I like new things, but a lot of these so-called "ground breaking
shows/video games" fail miserably. I like Ground breaking stuff that has
substance and real innovation, not just re hasing in a so-called "breaking
the mold" way. I can't comment about Turn A's story until I am able to watch
it. Every time I look at the Turn A , I either think I like it a little or I
hate it.

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