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Sun, 18 Apr 1999 15:12:10 -0700

Hi I'm new here, but I have to comment about Turn A; that's what I assume
what you're talking about.

I think Turn A is not Gundam. The most important aspect IMHO of Gundam was
the symoblic strength that one gets from looking at the face of Gundam.
When the creator of Turn A from Blade Runner redesigned the face, it turned
into something else than Gundam...and I can see that many of the
traditional designs that would be seen visually in each part of Turn A
Gundam is not there. Understandable if they plan to take Gundam to a
different plain, but then again...that different plain isn't Gundam.

>In a message dated 4/18/1999 3:40:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
>> Gee, you're just rolling out the laughter. So, what did you think of their
>> performance in the last episode? Oh, haven't actually seen it yet? Gee,
>> sounded so informative on Turn A, it's just sooooo hard to think you don't
>> know all about Turn A's real failings, just the those you can imagine. And
>> by
>> the way, are you referring to Heinlein's Waldo, or "where's Waldo?" I just
>> want to know your general reading level, is all. "Classics" tends to have
>> different meaning for some people.
>You don't have to be rude, because someone has a different opinion then you.
>You have to respect other peoples opinions, even if you don't agree with it.
>He was talking about the designs, not the show. He wasn't judging the show
>based on just the Mecha designs. Some people always, think that if you judge
>the designs, you judge the show, which is not usually true. He was just
>stating his feelings on the Mecha design's. That's all American Gundam fans
>can do, is talk and speculate about the story and the Mecha designs, until
>turn a is released on tape.
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