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> Gee, you're just rolling out the laughter. So, what did you think of their
> performance in the last episode? Oh, haven't actually seen it yet? Gee, you
> sounded so informative on Turn A, it's just sooooo hard to think you don't
> know all about Turn A's real failings, just the those you can imagine. And
> by
> the way, are you referring to Heinlein's Waldo, or "where's Waldo?" I just
> want to know your general reading level, is all. "Classics" tends to have
> different meaning for some people.

You don't have to be rude, because someone has a different opinion then you.
You have to respect other peoples opinions, even if you don't agree with it.
He was talking about the designs, not the show. He wasn't judging the show
based on just the Mecha designs. Some people always, think that if you judge
the designs, you judge the show, which is not usually true. He was just
stating his feelings on the Mecha design's. That's all American Gundam fans
can do, is talk and speculate about the story and the Mecha designs, until
turn a is released on tape.

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