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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 14:32:42 -0700 (MST)

> >the "Terminator Syndrome"!
> Hm...

  Hey, it could happen, especially with the Zero-System that allows
mental-machine interfacing. What if some wacko like Duke Derenmeyer (or
whatever his name was) decided to DL his "Core Consciousness" through the
Zero-Interface into a batallion of Virgo-IIIs?

> > Wow! Really? I thought the Virgo had a small cockpit hatch in the middle
> >of its chest somewhere.
> Nope, it has no cockpit hatch. Pretty creepy, eh? Kinda like the ghost
> fighter from Macross Plus...

  Yeah! A total pure 'drone fighter', with no way to be subverted! I guess
this means that squads of VIIs are coordinated by a single manned Taurus
behind the lines or something? Cool. Do we ever see Virgos or Virgo-IIs
engaged in _melee_ combat? I'd be curious to see how a unmanned machine
fights hand-to-hand! (No samurai showing off here).

> > I had no idea that the Mercurious and Vayeate were MD-capable! Does that
> They show up later in the show running in mobile doll mode. Essentially,

  I thought the red one got trashed by Trowa or someone and then the blue
one gets lost or something... but they reappear later? Very interesting!

> they were created to gather combat data for the Virgo; just as Amuro taught
> the Gundam's computer how to fight and this knowledge was passed on to the
> GM, Heero and Trowa taught the Mercurius and Vayeate how to fight and this
> was passed on to the Virgo. The mobile doll concept, in essence, just takes
> the GM pilot out of the picture entirely and lets the AI do _all_ the
> fighting.

  Yeah, in effect, it's a natural followup to the heuristic computer
system from the original gundam. Makes sense to me, and very cool too! So
this means that the Virgos basically fought like the G-Boys, that's pretty
scary to think of, though it's also clear that Hiro and Trowa don't have
an especially hard time taking down MDs, so perhaps they weren't putting
on their "Best Performances" while piloting the Vayeate and Mercurious.
  But then, when a Taurus fights in MD mode, how is it controlled? I
expect it suggests that some other test pilot has done a similar kind of
'training excercise' with the Taurus's predecessor, and his program is
always present in the Tauri.

> G-UNIT begins in the middle of the TV series, and its slam-bang
> conclusion happens to take place just as the TV series is ending. It's all
> kind of a tempest in a teapot, a flashy toy promo that never really goes

   That's all, eh? Some sort of big super-weapon that can end reality, and
our heroes must fight it to save the day, and at the end everything's
covered up so nobody ever hears about it again? Classic.

> > Could this be Tomino's "Paradise society" that eventually turns into
> >Turn-A? A sort of Super-UN without the elitism of the Federation?
> That was my thinking - that if Turn A was going to develop from any one
> of the previous Gundam worlds, it would most likely be Gundam W, which ends

  Yes, it makes sense to me, a fairly benign if somewhat wishy-washy
government that's if not majestic, at least non-threatening! Sounds like
Tomino's a real Republican: "Less Government is more government"!


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