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> Whaaaat?! Your comparing an overweight guy with perpetual bad hair
> day and a poor taste in thongs (Gucci butt flosses were all the rage
> 2 seasons ago), to a Feddi mobile suit grunt? Hmmm... please explain?

You obviously missed the reference that the "Sumo" is a lower grade version
of the Turn A that is mass produced by the Lunarians. Hence my GM reference.

> Yeah retro in the sense of being a reject from
> from Shogun Warrior fashion show...
> hee hee
> Voltron to Turnip A:
> "... and you know what else, yo' popz wuz a stinkin catfish
> and yo' mama shoe shined GaoGaiGar's boots with her tongue!..."

Is that an example of your narrow thinking, or just your bad humor? Just
wondering, is all.

> Umm... I think they should really be called "Flatulence" and "WALDO."

Gee, you're just rolling out the laughter. So, what did you think of their
performance in the last episode? Oh, haven't actually seen it yet? Gee, you
sounded so informative on Turn A, it's just sooooo hard to think you don't
know all about Turn A's real failings, just the those you can imagine. And by
the way, are you referring to Heinlein's Waldo, or "where's Waldo?" I just
want to know your general reading level, is all. "Classics" tends to have a
different meaning for some people.

> Yup I to am just another willing victim to Bandai's giant merchandising
> machine...
> Yeah I'm hearin' ya! I'm 27 working as a senior graphic designer
> in an "oh soo plush" studio and makin' a pretty descent salary.
> And I to enjoy the modeling experience; dry building, doing mods,
> puttying, sanding, air brushing, weathering... etc.

And this means you can do a better job? Then, when will we see your name
associated with a new Gundam show? When will Bandai be pounding down your
door, offering you millions to work as their head designer in their next
show? Did they give you a time frame? Will we be seeing your fresh, new

> Well, at least G Gundam kept in the spirit of Gundam; if not a ridiculous
> parody of it! You could even take something totally stupid looking from
> G Gundam, like Neo-Mexico (GF13-049NM), park it beside the RX-78-2
> and still see a correlation between the two. I don't think you could say
> the same for that Turnip. I also think that Gundam X had some beautiful
> suites like the RMSN-008 VERTIGO, RMS-006 JENICE (and variants),
> RMS-009 SEPTEM, RMS-014 OCTAVE, RMS-019 CRAUDA. All cool!
> Actually the RMS's 009, 014 and 006 had that kind of "mustache" look
> (actually I think they look like snorkels)!

So, at what point did you decide that Turn A was to keep with the spirit of
Gundam? When Tomino stated that he was breaking to mold with this one? Or,
maybe it was when he said that Turn A will be so different from previous
Gundam productions, that it will be a fresh start with a totally new look. I
think in your case, like many others, it was when Gundam appeared in the
title. To bad you can't seem to look beyond that. I guess that's why you're
not in the audience that Tomino is focused on. To bad for you.

And oh, by the way, if a mind is like a parachute, you should be opening
yours shortly, before any sudden stops.

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