Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 11:34:55 -0700 (MST)

> that I do indeed like this design. Huge missiles in the chest? Cool. The Sumo

  That sounds impossibly goony to me. An internal rotary missile launcher?
What kind of sense does THAT make? Get with the program and get a damn
Bazooka, Turn-A! It just sounds soooo retro-70s. What's next, "Rocket
Punch", "Moustache Boomerang", and "Thunder Kick"?

> mustache? Yes, indeed. I love the retro look of it. I still think it's butt
> ugly, but that doesn't mean I'm so close minded that I can't appreciate it

  One of my many issues with the design is that the legs and feet look
like copies of a valkyrie's, while the rest of the mecha is styled
completely differently. The Clod-feet really bug me.

> for being something new. Hell, I think the Flat and Waldom are hideous, but I

  The Walking Dome really is ugly, but at least it has a different
body-plan than usual. The flat is so DAMNED ugly that it actually is kinda
good-looking in an 'alien mecha' style. Well, that's based on a drawing I
saw, not the Syd painting (where it looks really stupid).

> still want to put their models together. Some people may think that I'm just
> one of those guys that will buy anything Gundam related that Bandai shoves
> under my nose, and those people may be right. I'm 26, have an awesome job,

  Heh heh heh!
  Follow the Plastic Warrior!

> hate. And all of the Mobile Suits in G have that "thing" that makes them
> Gundams, just like the Airmaster, Leopard, Ashtaron, Virsago, and X from
> Gundam X. None of those are as over the top as the Pyscho-Gundam, which still
> has that "thing." I have no idea if the Turn A also has the "thing," but I'm

  I don't think it's got the "Thang" you're thinking of. Frankly, I could
accept it from a show like, say, dragonar... but I'd take the Dragoon over
the Turn-A any time! A matter of fact, I might get Turn-A simply to see if
I can replace some of its armor with my Dragoon armor, which is a much
neater design.

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