Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit

Marcel Tualla (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:10:57 -0500 wrote:

> I kind of like it. I'm not so stuck on "how things should look," so I can say
> that I do indeed like this design. Huge missiles in the chest? Cool. The Sumo
> is to the Turn A as the GM is to the Gundam?

Whaaaat?! Your comparing an overweight guy with perpetual bad hair day and a
poor taste in thongs (Gucci butt flosses were all the rage 2 seasons ago), to a
Feddi mobile suit grunt? Hmmm... please explain?

> Also, cool. Stupid looking
> mustache? Yes, indeed.I love the retro look of it.

Yeah retro in the sense of being a reject from Showgun Warrior fashion show...
hee hee

Voltron to Turnip A:
"... and you know what else, yo' popz wuz a stinkin catfish
and yo' mama shoe shined GaoGaiGar's boots with her tongue!..."

> ugly, but that doesn't mean I'm so close minded that I can't appreciate it
> for being something new. Hell, I think the Flat and Waldom are hideous,

Umm... I think they should really be called "Flatulence" and "WALDO".

> still want to put their models together. Some people may think that I'm just
> one of those guys that will buy anything Gundam related that Bandai shoves
> under my nose,

Yup I to am just another willing victim to Bandai's giant merchandising

> and those people may be right. I'm 26, have an awesome job enjoy the whole
> model building experience,

Yeah I'm hearin' ya! I'm 27 working as a senior graphic designer in an "oh soo
plush" studio and makin' a pretty descent salary. And I to enjoy the modeling
experience; dry building, doing mods, puttying, sanding, air brushing,
weathering... etc.

> so I can actually understand all of those Gundam LDs that I own. Turn A isn't
> any more outrageous than G Gundam, another series I like that many seem to
> hate. And all of the Mobile Suits in G have that "thing" that makes them
> Gundams, just like the Airmaster, Leopard, Ashtaron, Virsago, and X from
> Gundam X. None of those are as over the top as the Pyscho-Gundam, which still
> has that "thing."

Well at least G Gundam kept in the spirit of Gundam; if not a ridiculous parody
of it! You could even take something totally stupid looking from G Gundam, like
Neo-Mexico (GF13-049NM), park it beside the RX-78-2 and still see a correlation
between the two. I don't think you could say the same for that Turnip. I also
think that Gundam X had some beautiful suites like the RMSN-008 VERTIGO, RMS-006
JENICE (and variants), RMS-009 SEPTEM, RMS-014 OCTAVE, RMS-019 CRAUDA. All cool!
Actually the RMS's 009, 014 and 006 had that kind of "mustache" look (actually I
think they look like snorkels)!


Datz awl...

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