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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 10:07:46 -0700

On 18 Apr 99, at 1:39, Edward Ju wrote:

> Worst yet, the last family member remaining in the company was ousted from
> his position as company president, and replaced by a banker who sat on the
> company's board. For those unfamiliar with the Japanese business world, an
> outside banker's presence in a company's spells certain doom, as the banker
> will serve the interests of his bank even if it means company interests will
> be compromised. This is Japan we are talking about, so none of the
> fiduciary duty corporation principles held sacred in the U.S. apply. The
> banker will basically suck the company's financial blood dry to feed his
> bank.

According to a report of April 17-23 issue of "The Economist",
Takeo Takasu from Sanwa Bank, the new president, may be
interested in sale the company. Two possibile buyer cited are Mattel
and Tomy. Mattel because they want the Japanese distribution.
Tomy because they target different market.

I have doubt about that article, not least because it shows a Lica-
chan doll with caption: "Barbie goes to Japan". But if Bandai's
market capitalization is "only" at about 625 million USD, than many
things are indeed possibile.

Jim Huang
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