Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 08:01:56 -0700 (MST)

> This "thing" (it would be an insult to call it a Gundam)
> or what ever it is... is BUTT UGLY!

  This "Gordam" really bites as a Gundam, that's for sure!

> Yeah sure I DID give it a chance, but I think from a purely Mecha enthusiast
> point of view it's total digression in Gundam design (I've seen the other
> "suits" and they don't look that promising either). I keep looking at it,
> trying to find something some what endearing about it... ok sure the feet have
> a kind of Macross VF Valk. feel, but other wise... nothing! Even if it lost

  It is revolting! Certainly an affront to the whole Gundam tradition,
that's obvious.
  My biggest problem with it is that even as a _non_ Gundam design, as a
generic Anime Mecha, it's STILL awful! The torso doesn't go with the arms,
the body doesn't suit the legs, the feet are ridiculous carcaratures. It
was like some 4th grader was trying to draw a "Cool Robot" and came up
with this.

> Sure Mr Mead did an excellent job on Blade Runner, but that does mean he
> should be designing mobile suits?

  Hell no!
  Did you see his New Yamato?? Syd Sycks when it comes to anime.

> If I were a Zak pilot, it would probably kick my ass, 'cause I was to
> distracted
> laughing at it!

  It's _really_ hard to take THAT design seriously. It looks way too
cartoonish, no matter how you look at it. Hell, I could believe a
Mazinger-Z done in Gundam colors better than I could stomach this guy.

> know I WILL reluctantly pick up the kits purely for collecting sakes.

  The only reason I'd pick up this ugly Gordam would be if it incorporates
some kind of new internal frame design that can be used for
scratchbuilding or of there's some easy way I can replace a bunch of its
parts or use its joints for something else.


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