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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 07:49:36 -0700 (MST)

> According to a reliable source, mid to top management of Bandai's toy
> division were laid off en mass due to poor decision making, particularly
> the disastrous Pokeman-inspired Tamagochi, which bombed in last year's

  Excellent! I HATE those damned things!
  Maybe now we'll get some people who realize the proven money making
potential of GUNDAM! Heh heh.
  Then again (scratch head) these are the people who are funding Turn-A.

> Worst yet, the last family member remaining in the company was ousted from
> his position as company president, and replaced by a banker who sat on the

  Good, an end to Bandai Nepotism. Maybe now they'll do sensible things,
like start up the MicroGundam line again!

> banker will basically suck the company's financial blood dry to feed his

  One doesn't ccok the Golden Goose so soon. It's more likely he'll simply
stop Bandai from making all their stupid off-the wall bizzaro products,
and instead make them concentrate on their proven money-making products...
like GUNDAM!

> - Bandai recently suffered public humiliation when it lost one of its crown
> jewels - the Ultraman license - to a Hong Kong enterprise. A licensed

  Psssffft. Who cares about some 1970's spandex-clad wacko anyway. As long
as they have Gundam Bandai will always be #1.

> - More MG Zakus. My source claimed that there are about 6 or 7 more versions
> of MG Zakus planned for the second half of the year. Well, we already

> Black Trinary MS-06R. Get this - one of the new MG Zaku will be the
> "classic" Zaku II bearing a closer resemblance to the Zaku that appeared in
> the original TV episodes (think Side 7 invasion) than the prettified
> version we have come to embrace and accept as THE Zaku look. We're talking
> about the flat-headed, LONG NOSED version here.

  I find this pretty hard to swallow. Who wants this, when there are a
couple _real_ Zaku variants out there that people have been requesting,
like the 0083 Zaku (which I'd buy!)

> - Another PG Zaku. Instead of differently colored armor parts as a PG
> Zaku Custom Set, Bandai will release an entire PG Zaku kit instead. This
> one will most likely be the MS-06S Char's Custom Zaku II.

  I've heard of this too. Typical Bandai laziness, milking something for
all it's worth. Doesn't mean anything more than the fact that they
released a scad of MG Zakus as well.

> Hobby Japan and other sources, but a positive feedback to the show could
> demand Bandai to start producing 1/100 scale HG kits for Turn A).

  Probably they're going to do a "Gundam Wing" on Turn-A, and honestly,
it's probably because the Bandai Execs, quite rightly, realize that the
desings SUCK! They're waiting to see if the general public can stomach
those Abominations, and if so, only then produce a 1/100. (Which I hope
will never happen).

> Apparently Bandai will now trim its Gundam kits down to 3 basic series:
> PG (1/60), MG (1/100), and the cheapo 1/144 kits (although my source did
> not know about the 1/144 scale HGs, which hurts his credibility somewhat...)

  Still, I can kinda see Bandai cutting down on the 1/100s, after all, the
only selection they've got are the designs from Turn-Abomination Gundam
which don't DESERVE 1/100 treatment anyway! After all, Turn-A is it for
the next year or so for a regular Gundam series, which means Bandai's got
at least another year or two to get back into the swing of making 1/100 HG
kits.... or what I think is more likely, start making MG kits of all the
_new_ gundams as well.
  After all, look what happened to the HG kits! They started out like the
MGs, special high-fidelity cool kits of the original Gundams... and now
they're _everything_, albeit watered down. I'll bet this is exactly what's
going to happen to the MGs. After another year or two, EVERY 1/100 kit
will be called "MG" regardless of what they're like, though they'll all
incorporate some of the technologies we expect from modern MGs.

> any of the rumored releases will materialize. BTW, here is one piece of
> GOOD news... Bandai will be releasing the MG Zugock!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

  Cool... if it's true. Personally I don't quite believe it. After they
kept us waiting this long for the Dom.... and they are making the Zak-I. I
wonder if they're going to do it in MSG style or 0080 style

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