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Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 01:39:02 -0700

Is Bandai doomed? Read on.

According to a reliable source, mid to top management of Bandai's toy
division were laid off en mass due to poor decision making, particularly
the disastrous Pokeman-inspired Tamagochi, which bombed in last year's
consumer market.

Worst yet, the last family member remaining in the company was ousted from
his position as company president, and replaced by a banker who sat on the
company's board. For those unfamiliar with the Japanese business world, an
outside banker's presence in a company's spells certain doom, as the banker
will serve the interests of his bank even if it means company interests will
be compromised. This is Japan we are talking about, so none of the
fiduciary duty corporation principles held sacred in the U.S. apply. The
banker will basically suck the company's financial blood dry to feed his

Other signs of trouble:

- Bandai recently suffered public humiliation when it lost one of its crown
  jewels - the Ultraman license - to a Hong Kong enterprise. A licensed
  Ultraman boxset (with the Ultramen at over 12 inches) has already been
  produced by the HK company.

- More MG Zakus. My source claimed that there are about 6 or 7 more versions
  of MG Zakus planned for the second half of the year. Well, we already
  know there were at least three coming out - the two MS-05 Zakus and a
  Black Trinary MS-06R. Get this - one of the new MG Zaku will be the
  "classic" Zaku II bearing a closer resemblance to the Zaku that appeared in
  the original TV episodes (think Side 7 invasion) than the prettified
  version we have come to embrace and accept as THE Zaku look. We're talking
  about the flat-headed, LONG NOSED version here.

- Another PG Zaku. Instead of differently colored armor parts as a PG
  Zaku Custom Set, Bandai will release an entire PG Zaku kit instead. This
  one will most likely be the MS-06S Char's Custom Zaku II.

- Death of 1/100 HG kits. No 1/100 HG kits are planned for the Turn A
  series (this is in line with a lack of 1/100 scale kit announcement in
  Hobby Japan and other sources, but a positive feedback to the show could
  demand Bandai to start producing 1/100 scale HG kits for Turn A).
  Apparently Bandai will now trim its Gundam kits down to 3 basic series:
  PG (1/60), MG (1/100), and the cheapo 1/144 kits (although my source did
  not know about the 1/144 scale HGs, which hurts his credibility somewhat...)

Whew, that's a lot to take in at once. I think I'll stop for now... take
all of the above with a grain of salt, but by Thanksgiving we should know if
any of the rumored releases will materialize. BTW, here is one piece of
GOOD news... Bandai will be releasing the MG Zugock!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!


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