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> The Turn A is better then the other Mecha I have seen from Turn A so far. I
> like the Turn A as a robot, but the Turn A is not deserveing of the Gundam
> name. It degraces the other Gundam desgins. Turn A has the look of a 70's
> style Super Robot then a Gundam. This new design has a sorta techy,
> victorian, retro look to it. It looks like something out of an abstract
> piece
> of art, then a true Gundam desgin. On the other hand, Turn A's story
> cool!
> Aaron
> -

I kind of like it. I'm not so stuck on "how things should look," so I can say
that I do indeed like this design. Huge missiles in the chest? Cool. The Sumo
is to the Turn A as the GM is to the Gundam? Also, cool. Stupid looking
mustache? Yes, indeed. I love the retro look of it. I still think it's butt
ugly, but that doesn't mean I'm so close minded that I can't appreciate it
for being something new. Hell, I think the Flat and Waldom are hideous, but I
still want to put their models together. Some people may think that I'm just
one of those guys that will buy anything Gundam related that Bandai shoves
under my nose, and those people may be right. I'm 26, have an awesome job,
enjoy the whole model building experience, and I'm trying to learn Japanese
so I can actually understand all of those Gundam LDs that I own. Turn A isn't
any more outrageous than G Gundam, another series I like that many seem to
hate. And all of the Mobile Suits in G have that "thing" that makes them
Gundams, just like the Airmaster, Leopard, Ashtaron, Virsago, and X from
Gundam X. None of those are as over the top as the Pyscho-Gundam, which still
has that "thing." I have no idea if the Turn A also has the "thing," but I'm
not going to bash it just because it looks bad.

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