Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit
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> I don't care what anyone says...
> This "thing" (it would be an insult to call it a Gundam)
> or what ever it is... is BUTT UGLY!
> Yeah sure I DID give it a chance, but I think from a purely Mecha
> point of view it's total digression in Gundam design (I've seen the other
> "suits" and they don't look that promising either). I keep looking at it,
> trying to find something some what endearing about it... ok sure the feet
> have
> a kind of Macross VF Valk. feel, but other wise... nothing! Even if it lost
> the catfish wiskers it would still look silly!
> Sure Mr Mead did an excellent job on Blade Runner, but that does mean he
> should be designing mobile suits?
> The thing looks as if it just stepped out of a flyin' saucer and is about
> say
> "Take me to your leader earthling..."
> If I were a Zak pilot, it would probably kick my ass, 'cause I was to
> distracted
> laughing at it!

The Turn A is better then the other Mecha I have seen from Turn A so far. I
like the Turn A as a robot, but the Turn A is not deserveing of the Gundam
name. It degraces the other Gundam desgins. Turn A has the look of a 70's
style Super Robot then a Gundam. This new design has a sorta techy,
victorian, retro look to it. It looks like something out of an abstract piece
of art, then a true Gundam desgin. On the other hand, Turn A's story sounds

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