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hi there i got this CD too. But mine is in japanese . So is everything in english including
the timeline ?

Carmen J. Bernardo wrote on 16/4/99 9:31 am:
>There is such a volume, title
>WORLD. It was released a
>couple of years or so back.
>The volume that I purchased
>had English translations of
>some of the basic premises
>for each story arc (they
>were up to F91 and the
>at that point). There were
>plenty of excellent
>illustrations of both
>characters and mecha by
>the likes of Hiroyuki
>Kitazume, Yoshikazu
>Yasuhiko, Haruhiko
>Mikimoto, and Yuzo Takada.
>I also have a Haruhiko
>Mikimoto art book that
>includes covers for
>novelization of ZETA
>GUNDAM, as well as CD
>jackets and the odd pin-up
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