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> The only thing I don't like too much (*other* than you-know-
>what, before you all start ^_^) is the chest - its a bit too flat for
>Gundam. Guess it was an attempt to do a breast plate style thing...?

As shown in the May issue of Hobby Japan, the Turn A's chest is one big
missile launcher. It opens both front and back to reveal six missiles
arranged in a circle (not unlike the chambers of a revolver). The missiles
run all the way through the chest, hence the hatches both fore and aft.

This also explains the relocated cockpit. There simply isn't room for one
and, in any case, who'd want to sit there?

The model is actually quite nice looking, not surprising given the level of
model builder for magazine spreads like this. The shield is reminiscent of
the old Gelgoog "Zulu" model, white rimmed with red, with a blue oval
section on the upper fore edge that may be more than just a spot of color.

The gun this thing totes puts me in mind of the Wing's buster rifle, but
then BFG have been the order of the day for some time now.

Do any of these critters have model numbers, or did those go out of style
with the Apsaras?


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