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At 06:51 PM 4/16/99 , GundamFan wrote:
>I guess VCDs are one of the best media.
>The advantages are as follows:

Yep, both in terms of equipments and quality. You can either shell out
bucks for a VCD player, or get a DVD, which also plays VCD.

>Quality is of that of the VHS tape,

Quality is worst than VHS tape. DVD haters were nitpicking about digital
artifact, which is nothing comparing to VCD.

>can store about 74 mins max
>ie equal to 3 episodes of any anime

I have never seen it done. All VCD anime I have seen are 60 minutes per
disk. 2 episodes max.

Watching VCD from a distant to reduce digital artifact underscores 2
problems, you either hook it up to a player (VCD or DVD) or you watch it
on computer. If you are going to get a VCD player, DVD player isn't that
much more expensive. As for watching it on computer, be ready for

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