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I guess VCDs are one of the best media.
The advantages are as follows:

Cheap, Quality is of that of the VHS tape, Resistant to fungi, (long lasting) small to keep. able to record in stereo can store about 74 mins max ie equal to 3 episodes of any anime Wide range of titles... easy to make from CDRs and convert from LDs or DVDs with proper hardware. Quality range from very good to bad depending on source.They can be clear with ocassional unoticable pixelation. Also depend on how people convert the VCDs from LDs. Able to add subtiltles. Can view on computers and hardware VCD players. Able to do a menu system like LD with the VCD 2.0 format. And other benefits I can't think of at the moment.

Disadvantages: Picture quality not as good as the LD but abit better than VHS depending on the quality. ie due to compression, may notice some pixelation when frame rate increases. but not obvious when view from a certain distance. Also this depends on the VCD players. Not really originals... Not readily available in US, although common in HK and Singapore.

A link of where to get them, never tried it though... Note that most are with chinese subtitles and are CDRs... not pressed CDs

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 18:43:26 cliff boese wrote: >here is my two cents worth, I think that vcd is the best. You can get >most jap anime titles subbed or dibbed in english, and most movies. >You can not record onto them, but that is true with all digital non >vhs media, There is no or very little demand to get rid of the vhs >vcr at the time, if you remember, beta came out after vhs, was sopose >to be better, bombed out, never herd from it again, but anyhow, if >dvd gets older, you will find recorders with in two years, people >have only scratched the surface of what a dvd can do. If you think >about it, you could compress music on it, and with a decoder, >probably store over 3 cd's worth or more in songs on it (kind of like >a super mini disk) and with multi angles, dvd rom, interaction, and >probabaly a form of dvd-r or dvd recorder for computer, the >posibilitys are endless, also if you want to find a ld or dvd player, >look at > >they have old and new ones from 20.00 and up (working) > >>From: >>Reply-To: >>To: >>Subject: LD vs. DVD vs. VCR (Was-Re:[gundam] MG Gundams are coming >toAmerica, Read on!!) >>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 18:04:51 EDT >> >>In a message dated 4/15/1999 5:45:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, >> writes: >> >>> ou can still get the new releases on LD through Ken Crane's at a >good >>> price ( - get on their ML if you haven't >already, >>> you'll get a list of new releases every week. Occassionally they >also have >>> blow-outs at incredible prices. >>> >>> Personally I think should do LDs, since this is a perfect >format for >>> anime, because there are no side flipping issues for OVAs that >come in 30 >>> minute episodes. It becomes a bigger issue when we're talking >about 2-hour >>> features. >> >>I think it is a good idea for Gundam to be releaed on DVD in the US, >but I >>see no point in releasing them on LD since the US LD market is dead. >I always >>wanted an LD player, but couldn't affored one. Same goes for DVD. >Most US >>citizens have VCR's, but don't want/can't justify buying one for >just movies. >>I wish they would come out with a DVD player or a digital medium >that plays >>movies and can record TV shows like a VCR, but that will replace the >VCR, not >>just turn into another niche market/product. Digital is the way to >go, but >>unless theirs a Digital medium that replaces the VCR, DVD or any >digital >>medium will not get the attention that a VCR does, even though DVD >is better. >>If I could buy a DVD player that plays DVD's and that can record TV >shows >>like a VCR can, then I would scrape together money and some how one, >if it >>can replace my VCR and be widely recognized and replace the VCR as >the main >>movie and recording medium. I wholeally agree that DVD and LD is >better, but >>not if I still have to use my VCR to record TV show. VHS tapes may >not last >>forever and VCR's do wear out, but with a VCR I can play movies and >record TV >>shows. Sorry for the long post, OT, rant,. I hope that didn't sound >rude or >>anything :) >> >>Aaron >> >>Aaron >>- >>Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at > > >_______________________________________________________________ >Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit >- >Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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