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>> >> It has 64 "squares" like a conventional chess board, arranged in four
>> >> concentric rings divided into 16 radial sectors.
>> >
>> >Thanks! That's very clear. I am a little disappointed that Lucas slipped
>> >some Earthy legacy into the SW universe. I thought he wanted to put SW in
>> >the past not future.
>> "Some"?! Do you realize how much WWII artifacts were used as props in the
>> film?! From the big gun carried by the Sandtroper to the Jawa's belt...
>> the list goes on and on!!!
>> Eddie
>Yes. SS style Imperial uniforms, German capital ship designs in the Star
>Destroyers, etc. Lucas ripped off a number of *old* ideas to make his
>movies. He's not a futurist.

(*Ahem!*) And I quote:

"Long, long ago ... in a galaxy far, far away ... STAR WARS"

Not only is Lucas not a futurist, but he himself maintains that Star Wars
isn't even science fiction. It's a fantasy -- what used to be called a
romance until that terms got stuck onto "women's books" -- that happens to
be set in a milieu that includes space travel.

Buck Rogers was science fiction. Flash Gordon and the various series by
Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus,
Pellucidar, the Moon Maid, etc.) were romances set in "other worlds"
because we'd run out of sufficiently exotic places on Earth.

To put it in terms of Tomino works, Mobile Suit Gundam is science fiction
(SF) and Aura Battler Dunbine is a fantasy (otherwordly romance).

Superficial comparisons aside, Dunbine and Star Wars have much more in
common than Gundam and Star Wars. Gundam's more akin to 2001: A Space


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