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Probe writes,

> Well, it makes some sense, given that they have MDs backing them up
>_Somewhere_. Hey, do we ever see regular human pilots in WG _unwilling_ to
>fight next to these computer-controlled drone MS? After all, one must fear
>the "Terminator Syndrome"!


> Wow! Really? I thought the Virgo had a small cockpit hatch in the middle
>of its chest somewhere.

  Nope, it has no cockpit hatch. Pretty creepy, eh? Kinda like the ghost
fighter from Macross Plus...

> I had no idea that the Mercurious and Vayeate were MD-capable! Does that
>ever come in to play in the show?

  They show up later in the show running in mobile doll mode. Essentially,
they were created to gather combat data for the Virgo; just as Amuro taught
the Gundam's computer how to fight and this knowledge was passed on to the
GM, Heero and Trowa taught the Mercurius and Vayeate how to fight and this
was passed on to the Virgo. The mobile doll concept, in essence, just takes
the GM pilot out of the picture entirely and lets the AI do _all_ the

> Ah, does it appear in G-Unit? Come to mention it, what DID ever happen
>to G-Unit?

  G-UNIT begins in the middle of the TV series, and its slam-bang
conclusion happens to take place just as the TV series is ending. It's all
kind of a tempest in a teapot, a flashy toy promo that never really goes
anywhere. Personally, I thought that Silhouette Formula was a much better
story as far as toy promotions go...

> Could this be Tomino's "Paradise society" that eventually turns into
>Turn-A? A sort of Super-UN without the elitism of the Federation?

  That was my thinking - that if Turn A was going to develop from any one
of the previous Gundam worlds, it would most likely be Gundam W, which ends
on a note of genuine peacefulness.

> Hey, now that's something new in Gundam! Terraforming! Now that would
>make for a much cooler anime than say, Turn-A... humans on Mars are cut
>off from civilization when a Robot-revolution turns Earth into a bloody
>battleground! Now the last surviving Human colonists must battle the
>harshness of Mars itself and prepare to meet the mechanized AI Mobile-doll
>armies of "TekEarth" in a slap-down no-holds-barred deathmatch for the
>supremacy of the solar system! It's "Gundam: Martian Successor Nandyesco!"

  Sounds good! Terminator A Gundam, anyone?

-- Mark

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