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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:42:40 -0700 (MST)

> >they'd have used manned serpents _backed_up_ by MDs in the second line
> I guess it was a style thing... the glory of the main operation should
> belong to human pilots alone, leaving the mobile dolls to handle
> non-critical tasks.

  Well, it makes some sense, given that they have MDs backing them up
_Somewhere_. Hey, do we ever see regular human pilots in WG _unwilling_ to
fight next to these computer-controlled drone MS? After all, one must fear
the "Terminator Syndrome"!

> >Also, I've got to wonder if like the Virgo and Taurus, the Serpent
> >is 'MD-Capable' but also capable of being piloted with a human? I guess it
> >depends on who _made_ the serpents in the first place, eh?
> Yep, it would. Actually, the Taurus, Vyeate and Mercurious can work in
> either mode, but the Virgo is mobile doll only - it has no cockpit for a
> human pilot.

  Wow! Really? I thought the Virgo had a small cockpit hatch in the middle
of its chest somewhere. That's a little eerie that it doesn't even have a
seat, like the continuing evolution of WG MS would have been completely
automated from that point on! (Just like RL fighter-planes!)
  I had no idea that the Mercurious and Vayeate were MD-capable! Does that
ever come in to play in the show?

> > Was it a secret Romfeller factory that never got used during GW, or just
> Yep, totally automated... just cranking out mobile dolls. I think it
> belonged to the Romefeller Syndicate, but I'd have to check the comic again

  Ah, does it appear in G-Unit? Come to mention it, what DID ever happen
to G-Unit?

> > So, how HAS the government of Earth changed after the massacres and
> For starters, it's a joint enterpise of the terrestrial nations and the
> space colonies, rather than using the authority of the one as an excuse to
> tyrannize the other. It surely isn't a paragon of nobility and virtue, but

  Could this be Tomino's "Paradise society" that eventually turns into
Turn-A? A sort of Super-UN without the elitism of the Federation?

> it's resolutely pacifist and seems not to have any obvious biases towards
> either Earth or the colonies. It's also sponsoring an ambitious Mars
> terraforming project, which is one of Relena's pet projects.

  Hey, now that's something new in Gundam! Terraforming! Now that would
make for a much cooler anime than say, Turn-A... humans on Mars are cut
off from civilization when a Robot-revolution turns Earth into a bloody
battleground! Now the last surviving Human colonists must battle the
harshness of Mars itself and prepare to meet the mechanized AI Mobile-doll
armies of "TekEarth" in a slap-down no-holds-barred deathmatch for the
supremacy of the solar system! It's "Gundam: Martian Successor Nandyesco!"


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