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Probe writes,

> Makes sense to me... except I would think, with so few real forces, that
>they'd have used manned serpents _backed_up_ by MDs in the second line

  I guess it was a style thing... the glory of the main operation should
belong to human pilots alone, leaving the mobile dolls to handle
non-critical tasks.

>Also, I've got to wonder if like the Virgo and Taurus, the Serpent
>is 'MD-Capable' but also capable of being piloted with a human? I guess it
>depends on who _made_ the serpents in the first place, eh?

  Yep, it would. Actually, the Taurus, Vyeate and Mercurious can work in
either mode, but the Virgo is mobile doll only - it has no cockpit for a
human pilot.

> Was it a secret Romfeller factory that never got used during GW, or just
>another hidden installation somewhere? Automated factory, I suspect?

  Yep, totally automated... just cranking out mobile dolls. I think it
belonged to the Romefeller Syndicate, but I'd have to check the comic again
to make sure.

> So, how HAS the government of Earth changed after the massacres and
>counterplots of GW and EW?

  For starters, it's a joint enterpise of the terrestrial nations and the
space colonies, rather than using the authority of the one as an excuse to
tyrannize the other. It surely isn't a paragon of nobility and virtue, but
it's resolutely pacifist and seems not to have any obvious biases towards
either Earth or the colonies. It's also sponsoring an ambitious Mars
terraforming project, which is one of Relena's pet projects.

-- Mark

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