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> Um...crossed wires here I think....HDTV isn't a video format, like DVD or
> or's a broadcast format, like NTSC. Older formats like VHS will not
> look too great on HDTV, simply becuase VHS is 220 or 240 lines res whereas
> standard HDTV is 780.
> DVD, being it can max out at 750 lines resolution, would need no reworking
> or reformatting in order to work on HDTV (neither would LD for that
> matter..),
> and in fact, certain features of DVD, like the anamorphic widescreen
> releases,
> will take advantage of HDTV's 16x9 aspect ratio. So in effect there aren't
> going
> to be any HDTV discs (unless you want to call anamorphic widescreen DVD
> transfers
> that...but they still work fine on regular TV's), hence no replacement for
> DVD.....

No current DVD players could jam, on one disc, a picture with (at its
highest res) double the horizontal and more than double the vertical
information (the high res version being 1920x1080 widescreen). Sony says
it will have to go to newer lasers to play them. You see any 1920x1080
DVDs for sale now? No, not until you've padded your collection with all
your favorite movies. Movies that will look like shit next to their new
high res brothers. It will definitely be a new format, similar to DVD
in the sense that I'll bet that HDTV disc players will play DVDs, but
still a whole new wave of the same movies. More expensive, too. Each
frame will be over 4 times larger, information-wise. So, you either need
a DVD that is over 4 times as deep or a larger disc or a new format. I
believe they'll shoot for choice A but the current DVDs aren't going to
miraculously spawn extra pixels when they play on an HDTV system.


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