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Fri, 16 Apr 1999 11:51:04 -0500

OK Ok ok I being one of the ever-present list lurkers will have to jump in
on this discussion.

Currently, if you want Gundam you have to go with LD. There is no other
choice. Sure, you can get fansubs or bootleg VCDs and such -but as for
originals you can only get LDs for the most part.

AnimeVillage has recently made some Gundam available on VHS for purchase.
Also, some Japanese areas of big cities will carry VHS tapes of current
Japanese TV programs being aired for a limited time for rent. (But the
regulations on this are very stiff but hey you can usually rent a 4 ep
Gundam tape for about $1-$2 and then make yourself a copy AND you get all
the cool Gundam and Bandai commercials)

DVD while being a good format and the definite up and comer, does not have
the title distribution yet to compete with VHS. It has taken over most of
the LD consumers in the US. But honestly, this just hasn't happened in
Japan yet. Until Japan starts putting Gundam and other anime out on a scale
with the LD releases then anime will have to stay with the LD format.

Now, I really do see the beginnings of the mass migration to DVD for anime
fans but it is slow. I currently have quite a few Gundam LDs and I am
somewhat involved in the fansubbing community. Until we (the fans and
especially the fansubbing community) are presented easily available product
to purchase, our hobby will remain rather expensive and underground. So for
now, if you want to watch Gundam you have to have LD (or a friend with an LD
willing to make you copies)

Finally on a personal note, I would like to know if anyone on this list has
any LDs for Buy, Sale or Trade. There have been a few I have been looking
for and would like to get back into buying some more (or trading) to
complete my collection.

Chris Simonds
クリス サイモンズ
Kamen Otaku

PS who is going to be at A-Kon 10 this year????
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