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Paul Fields (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 10:01:02 -0400

>OK, I understand now, sorry :)
>I see your point. Is their anyway to record anime movies and episodes to a
>CD-R disc and then watch them through a VCD player or on a PC? If yes, what
>would the picture quality be? I don't record records either, just CD's.

Well It could be about as good as any VCD out there, but the equip
is pretty expensive to do it with hardware, you can do it with software
and special PC equipment, but unless you have some video editing
background it isn't really worth it. I dropped a few MSG episodes on
CD a few years back, MPEG compressed about the same as the
medium quality version of the Star Wars trailer, if you blow it up, or
have a lousy video card, it just isn't worth it. Hardware MPEG coders
are better than software compression anyway so stuff you do at home
will never look as good as stuff that you get off the net. I haven't tried
taking digital input off of my DVD player though, but you can still get
killed by frame rate, even if your PC can capture 30 FPS you actually
need 29.7 FPS because the soundtrack will get out of sync, about 10
minutes into my homebrewed video CD the actors voices are about
30 seconds ahead of the character action.


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