[gundam] Slight OT, Kanno soundtrack

Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 21:20:15 -0700

At 08:25 PM 4/15/99 , you wrote:
>And, for anyone who may be interested, I ended up with a second copy of
>Brain Powerd OST (Victor VICL-60264). It's still sealed in the wrapper.
>List price is 3,045 and I'm asking $20 for it. Sixty minutes of Yoko
>Kanno music, as follows, times rounded up to the nearest half-minute:
>If Kanno's work on Turn-A Gundam is even half as good as this, it's
>to be one of the best Gundam BGM ever!

I have yet to listen to a bad Kanno soundtrack. Brain Powerd is actually
a bit weaker than her other work, I supposed working on BP and Cowboy
Bebop at the same time wores down one's creativity a bit. More than her
other works, BP OST does have more recurring themes.

It's always difficult to figure out what she will do next, as demostrated
by CB soundtrack.

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