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>> I think I worded what I meant wrong. I was thinking more how I'd hate
>> buy DVD movies only to have to replace them *again* with their HDTV
>> brothers. I own a lot of LDs. I ain't doing that twice more. And
>> is comparitively around the corner to DVD as opposed to DVD taking a
>> after LDs. For the high-end freaks that have to own all the new gear
>> would guess that they'd start making, slowly, HDTV discs for them to
>> with their $5000 TVs or $20,000 overhead projectors and receivers,
>Um...crossed wires here I think....HDTV isn't a video format, like DVD
>or's a broadcast format, like NTSC. Older formats like VHS will
>look too great on HDTV, simply becuase VHS is 220 or 240 lines res
>standard HDTV is 780.
>DVD, being it can max out at 750 lines resolution, would need no
>or reformatting in order to work on HDTV (neither would LD for that
>and in fact, certain features of DVD, like the anamorphic widescreen
>will take advantage of HDTV's 16x9 aspect ratio. So in effect there
>to be any HDTV discs (unless you want to call anamorphic widescreen DVD
>that...but they still work fine on regular TV's), hence no replacement

Or as I like to put it, by the time HDTV becomes the defacto standard of
the land, current DVD will be the least obsolute home entertainment
equipment to be attach to it.

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