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On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, -Z- wrote:
> At 13:20 4/15/1999 -0400, -I- wrote:
> >Sorry for the OT question.
> It has 64 "squares" like a conventional chess board, arranged in four
> concentric rings divided into 16 radial sectors.

Thanks! That's very clear. I am a little disappointed that Lucas slipped
some Earthy legacy into the SW universe. I thought he wanted to put SW in
the past not future.

> Then, as one move, you may drop any of the "turncoat" pieces anywhere on
> the board except the eighth rank.

Isn't that a bit too free? I would only allow the captured (turned) piece
to be dropped into the capture site after the capturer piece moves. But
then what do I know?

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