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>Sorry for the OT question.
>Can any Star Wars fan who has access to a tape of Episode IV please check
>out the scene where R2-D2 played chess against Chewbacca? I would like to
>find out the layout of the chessboard. I know that it's circular, but I
>don't know how many rows and columns (more precisely circles and radials)
>are there.

It has 64 "squares" like a conventional chess board, arranged in four
concentric rings divided into 16 radial sectors.

The initial starting positions are:

 P N N P
  P B B P
   P K Q P

   P K Q P
  P B B P
 P N N P

If you can visualize this superimposed on a polar grid, akin to a
dartboard, you may see that each file of Pawns are separated by four
"squares" just as they are in conventional chess.

By the way, you can add another dimension to chess with no extra equipment
just by mentally joining the right and left edges of the board --
cylindrical chess!

Advance the Knight's Pawns and the Bishops will have a line of attack onto
the center of the board....

Another level of difficulty can be added by using two sets and one board.
In "Turncoat" Chess, you exchange captured pieces for ones in your color.
Then, as one move, you may drop any of the "turncoat" pieces anywhere on
the board except the eighth rank.


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