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Ok, anyhow, I ment about a year or two for the items to become more
afordable, Pardon the spelling, and as far as this goes, I think
companys should offer a program to trade in your vids for dvd copies,
with a SMALL FEE. also I know this is a gundum e-mail thingy, so

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>Here's my jump in this....let's see if I get nailed for an OT post
>> here is my two cents worth, I think that vcd is the best. You can
>> most jap anime titles subbed or dibbed in english, and most movies.
>> You can not record onto them, but that is true with all digital non
>> vhs media, There is no or very little demand to get rid of the vhs
>That depends. I recently moved...luggung 200+ VHS tapes in a LARGE
>canvas bag on your back really makes you beg for a smaller medium.
>Generally I don't like VCD, mostly because I think the quality isn't
>there. Maybe I'm wierd, or maybe I'm a sick purist...who knows...
>> vcr at the time, if you remember, beta came out after vhs, was
>> to be better, bombed out, never herd from it again, but anyhow, if
>> dvd gets older, you will find recorders with in two years, people
>Well....from what I recall they still in the 1500 range, for the dvd
>> have only scratched the surface of what a dvd can do. If you think
>> about it, you could compress music on it, and with a decoder,
> haven't heard of the DVD Audio format, have you? (I mean
>this in the inquisitive form, not the sarcastic...most people brought
>this up to have looked at me like I'm making it up...)
>To give you an idea, a standard CD is in 44Khz, has 2 channels
>at 16bits, and runs for 74 minutes.
>The DVD-96 Audio format runs at 96Khz, with 8 channels, 16-bit
>precision, with a 384 kbit/s for an AC-3 channel, 176 kbit/s for a
>Subcode, and 6700 kbit/s for the Linear PCM channels, at a total of
>86 minutes.
>Everything I've read about DVD Audio makes it sound perfect, except
>that 1 - it probably would have been here over a year ago or more but
>for argument over format specifications. Then there's the problem of
>do you got for cross compatibility with CD players (it is possible
>to put the music in readable CD format on one layer, with the DVD
>audio information on another layer readable only by DVD Audio
>and take the loss of space on the disc for the DVD Audio portion, or
>do you try to market this as the successor to DVD?
>> over 3 cd's worth or more in songs on it (kind of like
>> a super mini disk) and with multi angles, dvd rom, interaction, and
>> probabaly a form of dvd-r or dvd recorder for computer, the
>> posibilitys are endless, also if you want to find a ld or dvd
>Now that is one thing I think needs to be worked on...DVD ROM
>for the computer. If companies start putting out quality titles that
>use the format, that would definitely be a good thing.
>> look at
>> they have old and new ones from 20.00 and up (working)
>I know someone mentioned the lament of needing to MOD PSX's and DVD
>systems.....I was surprised to find Pioneer makes an out of the box
>region free DVD Player, the DV-414...and it's under 500....not bad...
>>Alfred Urrutia [] writes:
>>I didn't mean to imply that. It's just that DVD is trying to
become the
>>standard and it sucks. It's got more lines of resolution
>>that's it. If not DVD, then what? I can't wait to see them stall
>>because of the eventuality of HDTV. I think Phillips makes a cd
>I'd argue the point (considering that there are a lot of features
>from the scan lines, but I don't want to start another pro/anti DVD
>but I have to ask why would HDTV stall DVD? The highpoints of HDTV
are the
>increased resolution, compression capability, and the 16x9 aspect
>Since current TV's aren't really capable of showcasing the full
>of the DVD format, DVD would more likely benefit from the format.
>Besides, when will we start seeing mass market broadcasting of HDTV
>signals? Heck, when will we start seeing HDTV sets that are
>to the average user? HDTV still has a ways to go, in this country at
>Man, I feel neglected...I was waiting for the flames from my last
>and none came...maybe this will make up for it....hehehe.
>'Stupidity deserves whatever consequences it's actions garner'
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