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> I think I worded what I meant wrong. I was thinking more how I'd hate to
> buy DVD movies only to have to replace them *again* with their HDTV big
> brothers. I own a lot of LDs. I ain't doing that twice more. And HDTV
> is comparitively around the corner to DVD as opposed to DVD taking a while
> after LDs. For the high-end freaks that have to own all the new gear I
> would guess that they'd start making, slowly, HDTV discs for them to go
> with their $5000 TVs or $20,000 overhead projectors and receivers, etc.

They must also get payed HUGE pay checks to afford $5000 TVs and $20,000
projectors, you know? Think how many Gundam kits and products you could buy
with that kind of money ^_^

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