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> Great! Thanks for the info.! You make good points and I agree. DVD's have
> great picture quality, correct? Wouldn't it be cool to have a medium with DVD
> picture quality that you could use like VHS tapes for just playback and
> record/playback, though? Example: A DVDR that replaces the VCR! One can dream
> :)

That was the original promise and premise. DVD was a replacement for VHS,
not LD. The compression made it crap against LD save for the extra lines
of resolution. But, they were going to make recordable ones. Still not
here. They also went on and on about extra camera angle choices, like a
director would sit around long enough to shoot more film or telecine more
footage onto video (a hand for the porno industry, though, that has actually
made use of this feature!). Cameron couldn't bear to make a Special Edition
of Titanic because that would mean watching all that stuff *again*. So, DVD
was made to market to VHS owners. But then all the salespeople started
spouting off like it was the best, period. Why? Because they were new and
expensive and commission is king. No numbers or specs to back it up, none
of them even knew what MPEG2 compression *was*. And now here we are with no
VHS replacement and an inferior medium taking over. Ya, it's colors are
sharper and it has component outs. Great, like putting a sexy evening gown
on Ruth Buzzy. I'll take Jennifer Connelly in jeans and a t-shirt, thanks.


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