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> DVD is not without merits - most people welcomed the compact size, no
> side-flipping, and massive storage, which allows a wealth of supplements.
> Sadly, it's a viable format that got screwed by the greedy studios, with
> lame-ass territorial lock-outs and Macrovision copy-protection that does
> work the way it was supposed to, not to mention incompatibility issues
> brands and specific titles... which makes the protection-free LDs look so
> much better by comparison!

I wish you didn't have to buy a converter or mod chip or use the safe swap
technique to play Japanese games on American Video Game systems. I mean we
buy the Import games legally, if it wasn't possiable to use a converter or
mod chip or safe swap technique, it would only be possiable to play Import
games if we buy the Japanese PlayStation in addition to the american PS,
wouldn't that be horriable? So, with DVD the only way to watch Japanese DVDs
and american DVD's is to buy an American and Japanese DVD player? That sucks
big time!

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