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> I don't use DVD or record on DVD, I didn't even know you could. I didn't mean
> that it should be DVD that replaces the VCR, what I meant to say is, that
> their needs to be a medium to replace the VCR and that's a better quality
> then DVD or VHS, I meant that it's about time for the VCR or at least VHS's
> successor. See what I mean? There's nothing wrong with VCR's and VHS. I use
> my beloved VCR 7 days a week. Most people use CD players, me included. But
> audio cassette doesn't have a standard, widely accepted successor either. I
> am saving up for a MPEG player for my personal music listening and recording.
> Aaron

I didn't mean to imply that. It's just that DVD is trying to become the
standard and it sucks. It's got more lines of resolution horizontally,
that's it. If not DVD, then what? I can't wait to see them stall more
because of the eventuality of HDTV. I think Phillips makes a cd burner
that doesn't need a PC driving it now. I'll have to get one. Finally,
an end to stretching/demagnetizing/crumpling tapes, even if tape has more
information on it it doesn't matter if I'm not recording records, only


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