[gundam] LDs, what else?

Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:22:02 -0700

>> I've never seen LDs at the Asahiya in Little Tokyo. Did you special order
>> LDs through them or did I miss an entire section of the bookstore?
>They have a big fat book with all the LDs they can order. I got the 5
>0080 discs I was missing from them even though the entire rest of colonized
>space insisted that they were out of print.

Whoa! Sweet! What about 0083?

>They had Gundam box sets in
>there, all kinds of crap. The only thing they won't do is order something
>that is available here, even if that thing isn't an LD here. So I had to
>go to the Laserdisc Division (internet) to get my Stars Of Space Jam cartoon
>boxed set. If you're looking for import Godzilla movies and music discs,
>that's the place.

They don't stock anime CDs well - stuff don't last on their shelves long
enough and who knows how much goodies I've missed already.

>Divx is dead, thanks to Circuit City not being able to fool anyone into
>investing in it with them.

Hehehe. For a while Disney, Fox, DreamWorks, and Paramount were totally
committed to Divx before lack of sales forced them to release DVDs too.

>I know the lowest common denominator exists but
>do *all* companies have to strive to please them?

DVD is not without merits - most people welcomed the compact size, no
side-flipping, and massive storage, which allows a wealth of supplements.
Sadly, it's a viable format that got screwed by the greedy studios, with
lame-ass territorial lock-outs and Macrovision copy-protection that does not
work the way it was supposed to, not to mention incompatibility issues among
brands and specific titles... which makes the protection-free LDs look so
much better by comparison!


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