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> You don't know what ugly would be until you tried recording DVD on the fly.
> Remember those early DVD demo discs? I saw one with a geisha-looking girl
> walking through a garden. The camera wasn't moving. The compression froze
> everything that didn't need to be updated and left a rolling halo of updated
> pixels around the girl. She looked fine, her halo was weird, and the rest
> looked like a frozen frame on a laserdisc. Goddamn, I'd rather have VHS
> than that crap. The only reason DVDs look good at all is the hours that are
> put into finding spots to compress more than others. If you're watching a
> show for the first time you'd have no idea what to spend disc space on and
> what to crush. I wish they'd make a recordable digital drive, too, but not
> one with that hellish MPEG2 compression on it. By the way, I hate DVD.

I don't use DVD or record on DVD, I didn't even know you could. I didn't mean
that it should be DVD that replaces the VCR, what I meant to say is, that
their needs to be a medium to replace the VCR and that's a better quality
then DVD or VHS, I meant that it's about time for the VCR or at least VHS's
successor. See what I mean? There's nothing wrong with VCR's and VHS. I use
my beloved VCR 7 days a week. Most people use CD players, me included. But
audio cassette doesn't have a standard, widely accepted successor either. I
am saving up for a MPEG player for my personal music listening and recording.

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