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Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 15:46:48 -0700

Just got my copy of the "Reverberation in Gundam" CD boxset from TokyoPop,
pretty pricy ($58) for a single CD. It comes in a LD-sized box, which
includes the CD itself and a reproduction of the movie program from the
2nd Gundam movie (SWEET!).

The box cover illo is the same as the CD booklet's front cover, it's an
original illustration of Amuro, Char, Lalah and Sayla against a silhouette
of the Gundam's head, with a red background. Painted by none other than
Yaz, in his well-recognized style. The back of the CD jewel case has a
"mechanical" lineart of the Gundam (like the 1/72 scale mechanical kit)
while the Zaku counterpart is on the back of the CD booklet. Lots of
character linearts accompany the lyrics pages, printed in silver. Inoue
and Tomino's photos are also in the booklet.

The CD is a collection of image songs and interpretations of songs from the
Gundam movies by Daisuke Inoue. Each CD is serially numbered, so I guess
they are designed to be collector's items. However, on the back of the box
it said the CD will be reissued in 2001... hmm... wonder if the reissue will
come with the reproduced movie program?

There are 9 tracks, clocking in at 38 minutes & 31 seconds:

1 Intro with spoken lines. Music reminds me of PSX Gundam game in
        the vein of Zeta, Gundam version 2.0.

2 An image song, with English chorus "lonely soldier".

3 Another image song. The chorus sounded like "naked knife". :)
        Straight rock with, get this, BLUES SARACENO on guitar! He's a
        shredder from Mike Varney's stable (those who play guitars should
        know what I'm talking about here). Pantera's Dimebag Darrel was
        so impressed by Saraceno he went out and got himself a plaid tattoo
        (long story).

4 Ending song from Gundam Movie III (when Amuro reunites with the WB
        crew, not the song played over the ending credits). This version
        is very nice, it basically stayed very close to the original version
        but benefited from a better, more modern sounding recording.

5 "Aie Senshi" from Gundam Movie II. Features a sax solo followed by
        a synth solo during the break. Basically stayed true to the
        original, but the musicians were cutting loose, tossing in bits
        and pieces all over the place without distracting from the spirit of
        the song.

6 This is an image song which opens with a narration by Keiko Toda.
        A slower and more somber song, it's not as festive as the previous

7 This is another image song but back in rock mode, with Blues Saraceno
        back on guitar and Phil Chen on bass (Starfleet anyone?)

8 Song from Gundam Movie II, the one that was sung when Amuro left
        WB and was in the desert. This version is more upbeat than the
        original and has an annoying sax that made it very supermarket/
        elevator friendly!

9 Closing - this is an instrumental performed on strings. For
        some reason it reminds me more of Eva than Gundam...

Overall, I liked it - the image songs were good, and his interpretaions of
the standards did not offend (other than track 8). What sucked though was
that he left out the other song from Gundam Movie III, which ranks up there
with the other songs he covered on this CD. Given that the CD clocked in at
under 40 minutes, there is no excuse of omitting this song.


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